Welcome to Nordia Laval!

Nordia Laval serves both as a call centre and as our administrative office. The site is easy to access from all surrounding areas, with free parking and a bus stop right in front of the centre. Adjacent to Costco and just minutes from Carrefour Laval and Marché 440, there are loads of great food, recreation and shopping destinations nearby. Picnic tables and surrounding green spaces are enjoyed by employees on a summer’s day.

The Nordia culture in Laval

As you walk through the doors of Nordia Laval, you are welcomed by natural light, spirited decor and an energy that is truly contagious. At the core of the lively atmosphere sits la pièce de résistance, an elevated stage, where Superstars are recognized for their achievements. With high ceilings, open-concept seating and windows throughout, the centre is a modern and stimulating place to be. Light pours in from a skylight above as employees eat in a spacious cafeteria with vending machines, microwaves and flat-screen TVs.

Our culture is founded upon the recognition of success, equality, respect and a one-team mentality. With strong representation from over 20 nations across the globe, the building is bursting with diversity. Our agents love to gather together, share stories and coordinate potluck meals for all to enjoy.

Work should be fun and we sure know how to make that happen! Our team loves to throw events, whether it is for the Olympics, theme days or various holidays throughout the year. Cheers and applause can often be heard as you pass through the halls – there is always a moment to celebrate! 

Easy to get to by bus or by car!

Nordia Laval
3020 Jacques-Bureau
2nd Floor
Laval, QC H7P 6G2

  • Incentive bonuses (up to $5 an hour)
  • Onsite cafeteria with hot meals
  • Bus service right in front of call center
  • Paid training (4-5 weeks)
  • RRSP, insurances (life, lost wages, medical and dental)
  • Great discounts on telecommunications products and services

Questions about our job offers? Go to the FAQs section or call Maha at 514-415-7088 ext 5522.

The best place to work.