Helping new Canadians find jobs in Sherbrooke

Nordia helps immigrant youth seeking jobs

Nordia is proud of its commitment to new immigrants in the communities where it operates. Nordia Sherbrooke is involved with Connexion compétences, an initiative that provides jobs to youth who faced with barriers to employment. In a recent news release issued by Connexion compétences, Nordia recruiter Julien Roger-Voghel emphasized the company's appreciation of the program:  

"With the overall aging of the population, we need to look at various ways to renew and grow the Nordia team. The young people coming from abroad and recruited through the Connexion compétences program are a real asset to us and they are highly motivated."

In addition to supporting the integration and well-being of new immigrants, these initiatives also contribute to the economic development of the regions where Nordia is located.