Nordia is 15 years old!

On October 21, 1999, Nordia took its first customer phone call at our Quebec City centre, launching the company that has grown to become the largest provider of customer service solutions in Canada.

At the start, Nordia had just three centres (including the current Kitchener and Quebec City centres). Services offered at that time were directory assistance and teleconferences services.

Today, Nordia operates 9 centres and expects to have 12 in operation by year end, with almost 4,000 employees coast to coast. While we still handle directory assistance, teleconferencing and relay services from our Quebec City centre, Nordia has expanded its offering to almost 30 different call types: from residential and mobility customer service, loyalty, inbound and outbound sales as well as technical support.

It's been quite a journey and we're proud to be where we are today. To be #1 requires a lot of hard work and passion and our success is driven by people. That's because our product is people helping people, every day: to solve their problems, fulfill their needs, provide them service. So a big thank you to our employees for Making it Personal for customers at every opportunity.

Happy 15th Birthday!