Orillia celebrates 1 year with Nordia

On October 2, Nordia Orillia centre celebrated its first year as part of the Nordia family.

The Orillia centre has become an important part of Nordia's success and its employees are recognized for providing great customer service. The number of employees at the centre has doubled from 150 to 300 since Nordia set up shop last year and the plan is to grow to 400 employees or more.

Fueling that growth is a people-oriented mindset that provides a supportive environment, some of the best compensation in the industry and interesting opportunities for a wide range of job seekers, be they recent high school graduates or recent retirees who like to help people and want to stay active. 

And of course, Nordia people like to celebrate: whether to underline great achievements or just to have fun together.

Also, check out this Sept 29 article published in the Orillia Packet and Times on the Nordia Orillia centre.