Clara's Big Ride comes to Nanaimo

Nordia Nanaimo shows their support for mental health

On May 16, our Nordia Nanaimo team welcomed six-time Olympic medallist Clara Hughes to Nanaimo as part of Clara's Big Ride, a 110-day journey across Canada to help end the stigma surrounding mental illness. 

Chiara Dituri, director of the Nordia Nanaimo centre, was part of the event's planning committee and welcomed Clara to the community. She shares a glimpse of the special evening with us: 

The moment Clara Hughes appeared on stage, I looked around and saw everyone’s eyes illuminate with admiration. Her passion and enthusiasm poured out and everyone could feel the positive energy that filled the room. 

Her beautiful message hit close to home and really resonated with us; the little things do not feel so big anymore. 

We left feeling grateful and appreciative that we had the opportunity to hear from such an inspirational woman. Sharing the experience as a team strengthened our bond and furthered our sense of pride for our organization! 

Clara's Big Ride continues until July 1, 2014. Follow the conversation and the rest of Clara's journey here