Nordia Saint John to move to new, larger centre!

Nordia is expanding its Saint John call centre operations, moving to a completely renovated facility in the city centre. The $1.8M investment is expected to create an estimated 250 new jobs in the Saint John area over the next two years. This is in addition to the 34 new jobs created since Nordia acquired its Saint John centre last November.

“This expansion is a vote of confidence in the community, reflecting our long-term commitment to Saint John,” said John DiNardo, president of Nordia. “Nordia’s formula for providing great customer service is simple: offer employees compensation that’s among the best in the industry, invest in them, and provide them with an excellent working environment. That’s the key to attracting and retaining top talent and why Nordia enjoys the highest employee satisfaction the industry.”

Nordia’s new 40,000 sq. ft. facility located in Prince Edward Square will be spacious, bright and equipped with amenities such as a large employee cafeteria, onsite gym, employee lounge with games, TV and internet access and heated underground parking.

The official opening of the centre is scheduled for June, but Nordia is already actively hiring to fill the needed additional customer service positions. Interested applicants can find out more by visiting