Nordia Toronto is Growing!


On May 1, Nordia took the first steps to expand its Toronto Centre by acquiring new business and more than 150 experienced customer sales and service representatives.

“The acquisition serves as a springboard to provide Nordia with new major Ontario centre in an urban location to serve its customer accounts, particularly for service requiring a sales and loyalty DNA,” said John DiNardo, CEO of Nordia. “We intend to grow the centre rapidly and have already begun the planning and design of the new, expanded facility.”

The centre is located in the Parkway Place office complex in North York which offers a wide range of amenities and services, includes a coffee bar, a fitness centre, convenience stores and a large atrium. It is also easily accessible by car or public transit.

Once renovations are completed, the Toronto centre will be Nordia’s largest center in Ontario and employees will have access to an exceptional work environment: bright, spacious and modern with relaxation areas and an employee lounge with games, Internet and TV.