Saguenay gets rolling!

Training begins for new employees

On July 7, the brand new Saguenay Centre welcomed 145 employees for their first day in the centre, with the start of 5 simultaneous training classes (the most we have ever launched at one time). And this is just the beginning for this centre, which will become our largest in Québec.

The hiring process, which has been intense for the last 2 months, continues throughout the summer as we plan another 3 training classes in early August. And this cycle will continue over the next 18 months as we ramp the site up to 450 employees.

We’d like to wish our new team members the best of luck as they begin their training sessions, and we look forward to welcoming new employees in the coming weeks and months ahead!

Click to view additional press coverage and words from President John DiNardo who was on site to officially welcome the team to the centre (note: French only).