There are many factors required to provide consistent, exceptional customer service. But at the core, it’s all about people.

Nordia prides itself on attracting and retaining the best talent so that we can provide your customers with the best customer experience: efficient, effective and effortless. That’s what value is all about.

Nordia doesn’t have customers, we have partners.
We don’t have contracts, we have long-term relationships.

We spend the time to understand your business, your customers, your challenges and opportunities. We don’t work with your competitors – you get our exclusive attention.

By working together, we can provide optimal solutions for your needs. Recruit the right people to deliver the best results. Provide the right training and onboarding to ensure smooth growth and lasting success. Manage for performance and excellence. Supporting your brand and building customer loyalty.

With 20 years in the business, we’ve got experience and a proven record for delivering results.

We’re financially solid and totally Canadian-owned and operated. All our centres, our employees and our infrastructure are located right here in Canada. We know our markets and your customers are our neighbours.

We’re not a global conglomerate, nor an in-house operation, nor a mom-and-pop boutique. We’re kinda in the middle.

We offer best-in-world infrastructure, processes and customer service expertise combined with an entrepreneurial mindset that allows us to act quick, learn faster than the rest, be accessible and provide personalized service.

It keeps us lean, hungry and focused, just the way we like to be. We believe our approach provides the best value for our customers, combining the best of in-house service centres with the flexibility and cost advantages of outsourcing.

That’s right, we’ve become Canada’s largest provider of customer service solutions and we haven’t stopped growing.

We handle a myriad of different customer service relationships, including everything from answering basic service questions, solving technical problems, interesting your customers in new products and services, helping them with their bill payments and most importantly, retaining them as your loyal customers. They call us. We call them. Sometimes we chat online. Sometimes, we’re in the back office or process orders. But every time, we engage and deliver.


So why does it work?
Because we're powered by people.


We offer the best compensation in the industry, along with great career opportunities and an exceptional work environment. Training and development is key: we take the time to prepare employees for the job and maximize their opportunities for success – their success is our success is your success.

So we attract the best and they grow with us.

We have the best employee retention in the industry, which means lower cost, higher performance, better value (oops, we just let out our secret!). We enjoy the highest employee satisfaction.

And happy employees provide great service.

If you are looking for a long-term, mutually beneficial and productive relationship, maybe we should talk.

We make it personal. Give us a call at 1-866-858-4367 or send us an email.

The best place to work.