2019  |   Nordia celebrates its 20th anniversary with $19M investment in three new centres and two major expansions. Rouyn-Noranda centre is closed due to labour shortage.

2018  |   Became primary customer service provider for Canada Post. Acquisition of new business in Toronto. Closure of Lindsay centre

2017  |   Moved into new Montreal centre. Acquisition of Toronto operations

2016  |   Acquisition of Montreal Centre. Move into new Quebec City centre

2015  |   Birch Hill Equity Partners acquires Nordia. Move into new Saint John centre

2014  |   Opening of new Saguenay and Peterborough centres. Acquisition of Moncton, Saint John and Lindsay centres

2013  |   Acquisition of Rouyn-Noranda and Orillia centres

2011  |   Opening of new Laval centre and move of corporate offices

2010  |   Acquisition of Nanaimo centre

2009  |   Bell acquires 100% ownership of Nordia, retaining Quebec, Sherbrooke and Kitchener centres

2007  |   Closure of 2nd Sherbrooke centre

2006  |   Closure of Corunna centre

2004  |   Opened 2nd centre in Sherbrooke

2003  |   Opened new centre in Montreal

2002  |   Opened new corporate office in Ville St. Laurent (Montreal)

2001  |   Opened new centre in Sherbrooke

2000  |   Launched relay and teleconference centres

1999  |   Created by Bell Canada and Excell Global Services. Opened Quebec, Corunna and Kitchener centres


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