Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Why Nordia?

Nordia is an industry leader among customer contact centres and has been at the forefront of advanced customer service solutions in the telecommunications sector since 1999. With 12 centres in B.C, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick, Nordia is the largest provider in Canada. We are committed to creating a stimulating and rewarding environment for our employees by enabling them to learn, grow and thrive.

Q - How many people are employed at Nordia?

We currently have more than 5000 employees working at our 12 centres across Canada.

Q - What do you look for in potential hires?

At Nordia, we look for representatives who are friendly, empathetic and dynamic. They:

  • value customer service

  • can quickly grasp a customer’s needs through active listening

  • demonstrate rigour in their responses and follow-ups

  • communicate in a professional manner

  • are comfortable with technology

We also require reps to be flexible in their availability (we offer permanent full-time, part-time or student schedules).

Q - Must I be bilingual to have a job at Nordia?

Most employees we hire are unilingual. But for those working at our Quebec and New Brunswick centres, bilingualism is an added asset and we offer a premium to those representatives who handle both English and French calls.

Q - How much does Nordia pay?

Our overall compensation is one of the most competitive in our industry. Nordia offers competitive base wages complimented by performance-based incentives plans that range between 5 and 7% of employee salaries. All eligible employees also benefit from a comprehensive insurance plan including health, dental, life insurance and group RRSPs.

Q - How long will I be in training for?

The length of training is dependent on the line of business for which a representative is hired for, it can be anywhere from 3-7 weeks. All training is company-paid!

Q - Is there a probation period that all employees must complete?

The standard probationary period for all employees is 3 months after having completed training.

Q - How long before I become eligible for all benefits offered by Nordia?

Employees become eligible for benefits upon completing 6 months of employment.

Q - How are the work schedules organized?

The schedules vary, but they are posted two weeks ahead. Work shifts begin every 15 minutes; they are adjusted according to demand in services for each type of business. 

Q - Can I work on week days?

Work schedules are determined according to the availability our customer base requires in each line of business. Most services are offered 7 days a week from 8 am to 9 pm ET from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm ET on Saturdays and 9 am to 5 pm ET on Sundays.  Specific opening hours vary by service.

Q - Can I work only 3 days a week?

We do offer part-time employment for most jobs depending on our requirements (which may vary throughout the year). Full-time employees are expected to be available for work 5 days per week, according to a time schedule prepared 2 weeks in advance.

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